Welcome To Inaugural Microbiome Movement – Drug Development & Nutrition Asia Summit

Scientific and commercial research linking the microbiome with improving human health and disease is on a rapid growth trajectory. Driven by a decreasing costs in sequencing, mechanistic breakthroughs and advanced clinical developments, products that target the human microbiome have been recognised to transform the healthcare industry.

As such, recent scientific advances have led to the emergence of a completely new industry dedicated to translating and exploiting a complex science towards commercial reality, spanning across pharmaceutical, nutritional and cosmetic product sectors.

Part of the globally recognised Microbiome Movement, we are pleased to announce the arrival of the inaugural Microbiome Movement – Drug Development & Nutrition Asia Summit, taking place in Singapore this September to help translational microbiome researchers in the Asia/ Pacific region discover, develop and deliver the future generation of microbiome-based products across therapeutic and nutritional industry applications.

This year’s forum will play an important role in reviewing the major scientific and commercial progress areas in microbiome research for the Asia/ Pacific region but also help you stimulate new business opportunities in a new and exciting field. Join and interact with industry and academic key opinion leaders from the world’s prominent microbiome organisations at this year’s forum to accelerate your knowledge of the field, overcome key challenges in translating your microbiome research to commercial reality and help bring a new generation of microbiome-based products to the marketplace.

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