The Microbiome Movement Unites Academic and Industry Leaders to Help Advance Human Microbiome Research Within APAC, Identify Novel Product Opportunities, and Deliver a New Future for Healthcare

Scientific and commercial research linking the microbiome to improve human health and disease is on a rapid growth trajectory. Driven by decreasing costs in sequencing, mechanistic breakthroughs and advancing clinical developments of microbiome candidates, products that target the human microbiome are set to radically transform the healthcare industry.

Recent scientific advances have led to the emergence of a completely new industry dedicated to translating and exploiting a complex science towards commercial reality, spanning across pharmaceutical, nutritional and cosmetic product sectors.

Part of the globally recognised Microbiome Movement, we are delighted to announce the return of the Microbiome Movement – Drug Development & Nutrition Summit to help translational microbiome researchers in APAC discover, develop and deliver the future generation of microbiome-based products across therapeutic and nutritional industry applications.

Join and interact with industry and academic key opinion leaders from the prominent microbiome-focused researchers and organisations within Asia to accelerate your knowledge of the field, overcome key challenges in translating your microbiome research to commercial reality and help deliver a new future for healthcare.

3 Key Topics

Mechanisms & Sequencing

Therapeutics, Nutrition & Diagnostics

Regulation & Investment

  • Host-Microbiome Interactions that Cause Disease
  • Establishing Standardised Protocols
  • Sequencing, Bioinformatics & Big Data
  • Live-Biotherapeutic Discovery & Development
  • Metabolite-Based Microbiome Products Microbiome-Based Biomarkers and Diagnostics
  • Role of the Human Microbiome in Diet & Nutrition
  • Collaborations & Consortiums to Support Microbiome Efforts
  • Regulatory Frameworks for Microbiome-Based Products
  • Microbiome Investment Landscape within the Asia-Pacific Region

See Highlights From Our Microbiome Movement - Drug Development Meetings

“The microbiome is one of the most emerging fields right now and at this meeting we have the group leaders and industry pioneers in the field of microbiome science and knowledge.”

Yogesh Mudalier, Resarcher Investigator - Formulation Development, Takeda
Previous Microbiome Movement Attendee

"The Microbiome Movement - Drug Development Summit is one of best gatherings of researchers from industry, combined with the right mixture of cutting edge academic science."​

David Cook, Former CSO, Seres Therapeutics
Previous Microbiome Movement Attendee

"This is a tremendous event, everyone who’s important in this field, we’re seeing them here and it’s helping stimulate innovation in our own programs.”

Ken Blount, CSO, Rebiotix
Previous Microbiome Movement Attendee